Ralf Lochmüller,

Managing Partner and CEO, Lupus alpha


In Focus: Fast Lane or Dead-End Track – Setting the Course for the Future


For more than 30 years Jean-Claude Juncker has had a significant influence on European unification. He says that faced with a wide range of international challenges, the EU must develop global political capability – and outlines a scenario for how this can be achieved. 


Jean-Claude Juncker, former President of the EU Commission


in conversation with Corinna Wohlfeil, television presenter, n-tv


Large US corporations dominate the business with cloud computing, artificial intelligence, computer chips etc. Europe is thus making itself economically dependent and politically vulnerable. How inevitable is this development?


Joe Kaeser, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Siemens Energy AG


Simone Menne, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, multi-supervisory board member, former CFO Lufthansa and Boehringer Ingelheim


Katrin Suder, Chairwoman of the Digital Council of the German Federal Government


Presentation: Corinna Wohlfeil, television presenter, n-tv




In Focus: Capital Preservation Concepts


In view of the zero-interest rate environment, many investors want to participate in the earnings opportunities offered by the financial markets but cannot tolerate the volatility of this asset class. How they can reconcile the two.


Alexander Raviol, Partner and CIO Alternative Solutions, Lupus alpha


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In Focus: Insights Into the Future of Investing


Policies of ultra-low interest rates and trillion-dollar stimulus packages are helping to pull out of the pandemic. But there are side effects. Where are the dangers on this recovery path? For which scenarios should investors be prepared.


Kenneth S. Rogoff, Harvard economist and former Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund

in conversation with Olaf Storbeck, Frankfurt Correspondent, Financial Times




* In English.


Responsible for Stanford University’s endowment, Robert F. Wallace sets the strategic course for investing more than $30 billion.


Robert F. Wallace, CEO Stanford Management Company

in conversation with Olaf Storbeck, Frankfurt Correspondent, Financial Times


* In English.


The traditional panel discussion with investors and a TED vote involving all participants.


Melanie Kümmel, CEO, TK Pensionsfonds AG


Dr. Oliver Lang, Member of the Board, Kirchliche Zusatzversorgungskasse des Verbandes der Diözesen Deutschlands (KZVK Köln)


Chris-Oliver Schickentanz, Chief Investment Strategist, Commerzbank AG


Dr. Götz Albert, Partner and CIO, Lupus alpha


Presentation: Corinna Wohlfeil, television presenter, n-tv


Compound semiconductors made of silicon carbide are pushing the boundaries of what is possible: in power and optoelectronics as well as in electromobility. Lasers based on compound semiconductors provide the backbone of modern optical data transmission, cloud infrastructure and video communication. The next step is to turn them into next-generation display technology. 


Dr. Felix J. Grawert, CEO, AIxTROn SE



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